This 26th Jan I had a chance to organise an India Quiz titled Bharat Ek Khoj at Adobe.. The quiz was to be about everything that is Indian::Indian history, Indian sports, Indian movies, Indian business, People of Indian origin.. In short, about anything connected to India… I wanted it to be a formal quiz with the main rounds to follow the written elims,but the organisers wanted an open quiz with everyone to take a chance at every Q.. So had to go with the format… 🙁

Well.. It’s never easy to design a quiz for non-quizzers. U dont want it to be flop show with every 2nd Question going over the audience’s head..So have to keep the level moderate.. So this quiz may not be to the liking of the veteran quizzers.. Also some questions were a direct repeat from old quizzes.. Actually with the very little time that I had at my disposal I cud not design many original Qs and the level was a bit lower than I’d have liked it to be..

But I must admit that I had grossly underestimated the quizzing levels of the general janta @ Adobe.. I’d say that though the last quiz which I had organised at my last company Computer Associates was surely better than this one in terms of organisation and overall event-rating, the awareness level here at Adobe is much much higher.. I had never thot that a hallfull of audience will all be able to identify Prahlad Kakkar!! Kudos to Adobe’s Quizzing janta!!

Coming to the main stuff, I had divided the open quiz into three rounds…
First was a mixed bag of direct questions.. Second was the traditional passwords round, where three clues were given one by one for a famous personality.. If u get it on the first clue, you get max points (bigger gift in the case of this open quiz) lesser points for guessing on the 2nd clue and still lesser for the 3rd one.

Last round was my original creation ( well… as far as i know 🙂 ) It used the Antakshari format for quiz.. As per the format, the answer for nth question will start with the last alphabet of (n-1)th question. Thus if if answer of the 10th Q is Abhishek Bachchan, the answer to 11th question will start with a ‘N’..

So if you’ve read this far, do take a try at the actual quiz questions and do leave a comment::

Round1: (For images, click here r1.pdf)

  1. How do we better know a fictional character with real name is Sarkeshwar
  2. What’s unique about a person called Nirmaljit Singh Sekhan winning the Paramvir Chakra?
  3. A person called Raj kaul moved from to Delhi from Kashmir and was presented a house on banks of a canal. Because of the canal, the Kauls adopted a new surname.Which one:: a very important one in Indian history.
  4. Connect the logo, the man and the cartoon character (Visual 1,2,3)
  5. Expand AMUL.
  6. Which modern-day game was earlier known as Poona as it was originally played in Indian city of Pune?
  7. What’s common to the books: Glimpses of World History, Meri Sansadiya Yatra, The Insider, “India’s Export Trends and the Prospects for Self-Sustained Growth”?
  8. What exclusively connects these great men? (Visual 4,5,6)
  9. Name the only person to have composed the national anthems of two countries.
  10. There has been only one instance of Bharat Ratna being withdrawn after being awarded. Name the person and the reason.
  11. Famous words connect these three pics. Which words? (Visual 7,8,9)
  12. Identify this formal Indian PM.

Round2: Passwords:

  1. Grimace; Booker of Bookers; Midnight Children
  2. Project Aden;Dheeraj lal Heerachand; Growth is Life;
  3. Savli Premchi ;Manohar; Sunny Days
  4. Abhas; Madhubala; Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi
  5. Phoenix, Ben Kingsley ,My Experiments with Truth
  6. Hema Hardikar, Mangeshi, Nightingale of India, song
  7. “The Argumentative Indian” ; Trinity College, Cambridge; Economics

Round3:: Antakshari (Find the images here:: anta.pdf )

  1. Which Indian city gets its name from the belief that it was here that Lakhsmana chopped off Shurpnakha’s nose?
  2. If the middle name is Ramlal, last name is Nikhanj; Give me the first name
  3. Connect these pics: (visual 1,2,3,4,5)
  4. According to Hindu Mythology, whose twin sister is Yamuna?
  5. This Indian place literally means division/land of forests. Name it.
  6. India has always been stern with its stand on racism. Following the same situation, in 1974, India gave a walk-over to South Africa due to latter’s policy on apartheid in one of the only three instances that India had qualified for the finals of the tournament. Name the championship.
  7. The magician shown is a famous Indian in his own right. A genius in field of advertising. Name him. (video)
  8. AIshwarya, Diana Heyden, Priyanka Chopra were much later to follow. The lady won the First Miss World title for India way back in mid-sixties. Name her. (Visual 6)
  9. Subhash Chandra Bose called them as Swaraj and Shahid. What do we call them?
  10. Identify the company from the logo.
  11. Whose punchline:: “Never Settle”?
  12. Before resigning from Rajya Sabha in early 2006, he was the only Indian parliamentarian on the Forbes Richest Indian list. Name him
  13. << One more Q, which I’m unable to recall right now 😐 )
  14. First person to receive all the three padma awards and Bharat Ratna..

Overall the quiz was a moderate hit.. Not many people turned up, but those who did seem to like it 🙂

You can find the answers here:: answers.pdf




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  1. Anunay says:

    I would have bothered to try the quiz out, if only the answers.pdf would not have been attached! Nice quiz, nonetheless!

  2. Nisha Singh says:

    the idea of using pdfs is good.. keep it up good innovation

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  3. Anurag Kundu says:

    Nicely researched….the most imp thing nothing looked unnecessary(unlike the most of the quizzes now a days)

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