Well.. This was my first day at Adobe.. Once I was done with all the basic formalities, I was led to my seat. Had some basic intro with my immediate cubicle neighbors… After I was back on my seat after lunch, I needed to go to the rest-room. ( or washroom or loo!! Why am I repeating all this? Read on.. )

I asked the guy next to me where the rest room is. To my surprise, his answer was:: “yaar suna to hai maine bhi ki kahin hai; lekin am not sure where it exactly is??” I was a bit amazed.. 😮 That made him defend his ignorance. “Actually maine bhi abhi ek hafte pahle hi join kiya hai naa…” Well even this does not give you the right for not knowing about the basic amenities.. I thought better ask some more aware person

But the worst was yet to come.. I went to this guy who I knew for sure was with Adobe for some time now… I again repeated the same question “Where is the rest room??” His answer was even more classic:: “Kyon kya ho gaya??” I was taken aback at the awkwardness of the question and as far as I remember I just let my expressions answer his stupid question.. Then he continued.. “Rest-rooms are there on the 7th floor…” { i was surprised.. Shouldn’t they be there at every floor?? 😮 }

“But you need to call the security for them.. “ {What for!! 😮 }They’ll make an entry and then you can use the rest-rooms..” { This is weird!!!!! 😮 }

Confused I went back to my seat… Whatever he said was surely too weird to be true.. Moreover, I distinctly remember using a rest-room on my interview day and for that I certainly did not go to the 7th floor!! I was thinking whether some planned ragging session is going on. But that didn’t seem to be a possibility.. At least the first guy looked quite innocent.. (First impression is rarely the last impression… 😀 But that’s another story)

Suddenly it occurred to me if people are taking the word rest-room for it’s literal meaning rather than the euphemistic one.. .. Ya right.. Every piece seemed to fall in its right place now… It makes sense to have rooms designated for employees to take rest at one place ( seventh floor in this case) The new guy need not know about these rooms right in his first week.. And definitely the company has right to keep records which of his employees are taking rest during work-hours and for what reasons… Yes!! For sure, people had gone for the literal meaning.. I stood up from my seat, but this time I dared not ask anyone about it.. I started the hunt my self and to my relief very soon..I found a marker arrow pointing to the WASHROOM… And yes. That was right on my floor!! 🙂

6 Comments on Restroom or Washroom??:: 5 minutes of confusion :-o

  1. Anunay says:

    Same funda is here as well, even I was confused… I wondered if it all began with CA 😛

  2. amit says:

    Very hilarious account,LOL

  3. madhusudhan reddy says:

    mast hai yaar…gud one

  4. Manikuntala says:

    hehehe.. tht was funny..

  5. pushpendra says:

    That’s really funny man. They are called restrooms everywhere….maybe they thought the word needs to be more exact. Good account.

  6. Kaustubh says:

    Nice one, Bhatti! That’ll keep me aware at other places.

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