I conducted a quiz with my colleague Prajal within the print group some time back.
There was a decent turn-out with 13 teams (of three members each) turning up for the event. Five teams moved to the Finals on the basis of a written elimination round. The finals were won comfortably by the trio of Sugato, Reena and Akhilesh. Here are the questions (and Answers) from the elimination round of the Quiz. Most of the Qs are workable if you give them a little time.
As I had commented earlier too, the level of Quizzing even among the non-regular quizzers here is really impressive.
I really enjoyed conducting this quiz. Hopefully, I’ll be be back with another Quiz very soon.

The Print Technology Group Quiz

Elimination round Questions

  1. Shinshu Seiki launched an electronic printer named EP-101. Which brand gets its name from the next generation of printers termed as “Son of electronic printer”
  2. How many planets are there in the Solar System?
  3. (visual) His second name is Buyukkokten. His first name is something which is a rage world over. Give us his first name.
  4. Whose punchline “Life is our life’s work”?
  5. In 1276, a ruling was passed in England applying this term to events that occurred prior to 1189, the year in which Richard I ascended the throne. In 1832, this definition was abandoned as a legal term, but common use has prevailed. What term?
  6. How do you refer to an event that has a frequency of 1.16699016 × 10-8 Hertz?
  7. Identify the logo.. (Visual)
  8. Stanford University Network lends its name to something very well known in the IT world.. What’s that?
  9. IBM engineer David Bradley is credited with the invention of something called as “Three Finger Salute”. What exactly is TFS?
  10. In 1988, to commemorate the birth centenary of Pt Nehru, what was launched by Indian government?
  11. (Visual)Connect the dots by drawing four straight, continuous lines, and never lifting the pencil from the paper. The puzzle is difficult because people tend to confine their thinking to the square area defined by the nine dots. Once you get the catch, the puzzle is easy. Which English phrase originated from the solution?
  12. If Land of five waters (rivers) is Punjab, what is the term for “water of mischief”?
  13. What is the name of this great work of art (Visual)
  14. For what purpose is Snellen Chart used?
  15. Which brand of Indian TV set takes its name from a WWII rocket launcher?
  16. What does a cruciverbalist do?
  17. Eunoia is a rarely used term denoting a normal mental state. Root words: Eu + nous = good thinking. What’s special about this word?
  18. (visual) This is the hand of a person called Douglas Engelbart. He’s credited with invention of X and in this pic, he’s holding the first X that he created. What is X?
  19. What is claim to fame of a businessman named Bernard Weber?
  20. According to the Dilbert strip, this invention has freed more employees from work than any other. Prior to this, people answered the phone personally and found themselves doing more work because of it. Which invention?
  21. Anyone who has shopped online using a credit-card must enter something called CVV to complete the transaction. Expand CVV.
  22. (Visual) First names are Frank and Tony.Connection: Cricket.
    Give us their last names.
  23. Expand ICICI.
  24. Carob seeds were used as weights on precision scales because of their reputation for having a uniform weight. Which unit derives its name from these seeds?
  25. (Visual) Name him.




  1. Epson
  2. Eight (Pluto is no longer a planet!!)
  3. Orkut
  4. Pfizer
  5. Time-immemorial
  6. Once in a blue moon
  7. Bank of Baroda
  8. SUN Microsystems
  9. Ctrl-Alt-Del
  10. Shatabdi Express
  11. Out-of-box Thinking
  12. Sharaab
  13. Vitruvian man
  14. Eye-sight testing
  15. Bazooka
  16. Creates (or solves) crosswords.
  17. Smallest word with all the five vowels
  18. The first computer mouse
  19. Seven New Wonders
  20. Voice Mail
  21. Card Validation Value
  22. Duckworth Lewis
  23. Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
  24. Carat
  25. John Warnock

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2 Comments on Print Technology Group Quiz

  1. Amit says:

    I could answer quite a number of your prelim questions.That means 1)I have improved my quizzing or 2) you have significantly lowered the difficulty level to give a decent chance to mere mortals like me.

    And I choose to go with the second option. 🙂

  2. hehehe. 😀
    Actually it’s both!!

    Since I was designing the quiz mostly for non-quizzzers (Think of it:: how many in a team can be real quizzers) so can’t keep the same level as I used to keep when ppl like Anindya, Burman and Tushar were around…
    But still, most of the above Qs r not the direct ones, but r workable ones. If u were able to crack most of the abv, u surely have become good at working out Qs.. Good going!!

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