amitbhatnagar on November 27, 2010

Originally posted on the course-blog for “Strategic Decision Analysis” This summer, I interned with Manheim Auctions, world’s largest B2B auto-auction company. In addition to my internship projects, I also got a chance to read a lot about auctions in general. One of the articles that I read introduced me to the concept of sniping, where […]

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amitbhatnagar on November 12, 2010

“Segment! Segment!! Segment!!! Never work on market level averages. Average distort reality!”  A very common advice in the B-school especially for those who have taken Market Intelligence or are preparing for consulting case interviews. But it is surprising to see how often the real world businesses completely ignore it. Not sure whether they are not […]

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amitbhatnagar on November 8, 2010

Originally posted on the course-blog for “Strategic Decision Analysis” On the occasion of Halloween, Yahoo! launched a new game “Shambling Hordes”: a game that makes you a commander of a troop of zombies out to capture enemy’s tomb. Well, I don’t know much about Zombies, and am not crazy about internet games. But what attracted […]

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