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Here are some metrics that I would want to know about to measure user-engagement for a file storage and sharing platform similar to Dropbox:

  • Unique user accounts (UU): Technically, just the number of sign-ups is not a user-engagement metric, but this is definitely an important success metric, and a foundation stone for future user-engagement.
  • Active users (MAU and DAU): A health UU metric is good, but what matters most is how many of these come back frequently. Monthly Active Users (MAU) and Daily Active Users (DAU) are two most popular measures, but depending on your needs, you may have a different level of granularity.
  • Upload frequency: For a service like Dropbox, I would like to know how frequently users are actually uploading files to their accounts. An even stronger indicator can be how many users have set-up automatic sync between their devices and the service.
  • Content access frequency: Another good user-engagement metric is how frequently the uploaded content is being accessed. This will include downloads and users accessing their content directly on site and others accessing users’ shared contentthe  ettteteee.
  • Storage used: Another user-engagement metric specific to this case would be how much storage is being used. If active users are using up a good share of what is available to them, that is a good sign.
  • Upgrades: With so many free storage options available, if your users decide to pay you for more storage, they are definitely engaged!
  • Referrals: If users consider your service good enough to be referred to their friends, they definitely like your service. Even if they do this for additional free storage, this is still a strong positive, as this indicates theirs interest in using your service more.
  • Device-mix: The mix of devices from which your service is being accessed can tell you a lot about how they intend to use it, and how strong you can expect the future engagement to be. I would definitely want the device mix to have a good representation of mobile (smartphones/tablets), as this indicates users’ interest in accessing your service on the go.

In addition to the absolute values of these metrics, the ratios of some of these metrics (Examples: MAU/UU, DAU/UU, DU/MAU, Upgrade/UU etc.) can serve as excellent indicators of user-engagement.

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Amit Bhatnagar on on June 23, 2014

Not all examples below are from my field, but just some random thoughts from a variety of fields.

“ab + c ==> ab + cb”

This expression is true for many cases where ‘b’ is contagious and/or where ‘a’ acts as an agent for spreading ‘b’.

Some examples:

  • Technology: A virus (‘b’) infected website a is visited by computer ‘c’. => Both ‘a’ and ‘c’ are infected with ‘b’.
  • Marketing: Person ‘a’ impressed with product ‘b’ tells his friend ‘c’ about the product. => Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ become users of ‘c’ (Word of mouth marketing)
  • Medicine: Person ‘a’, with an infectious disease ‘b’, comes in contact with person c. => both ‘a’ and ‘c’ are down with ‘b’
  • Society: Religious preacher ‘a’ preaching religion ‘b’ meets and manages to convince person ‘c’ => Both ‘a’ and ‘c’ believe in ‘b’ (You can replace religion with any set of beliefs)

You can extend this logic to many other sets. Some more examples:

  • Matchstick, fire, candle
  • Teacher, Knowledge, Student
  • Happy person, Happiness, Happy person’s friends (Not true for everyone, but perhaps we all have met at least one person, whose zest for life is contagious)

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Using Excel, the numbers are: 616, 637, 677 and 696. This sums to 2626. So the answer is 626.
/* I know this approach was not what you were looking for, but can’t resist using Excel when I have a spreadsheet open. 🙂 */

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Amit BhatnagarThis is mathematical proof, but I guess this is fairly intuitive too..  Line up the series of numbers from 1 to (n-1) once, and in reverse right below that:    1    +     2 + &n…

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Amit BhatnagarThat does not really appear to be the case.. I looked for some father-son pairs from Cricket, and I could find both cases..  Here are some cases, where both father and son have same dominant hand:Peter and Shawn Pollock: Both Right …

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Thanks for the A2A.. This is something that I always thought about when I saw this image, and finally, this question made me do some research..
First, this image is not from India. Not even from any of the other test-playing nations. This image appears to be that of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman:

Even I thought that this may be from some place in India, but after a bit of search, I landed on this blog: Twitter Cricket Sign-In Page, and after closely comparing the architecture of the mosque and the background hills in the two images, I am almost sure that the building in the Twitter homepage image is this mosque in Oman.
Yes, it would have been definitely surprising if Twitter, being a US-based company, used this as their only homepage background. I tried different browsers and tried reloading the homepage multiple times after deleting cookies. As it turns out, this is only one of at least three images that Twitter uses as its homepage background.
Here are the three images that I could find currently being used as Twitter homepage background:


So, Twitter backgrounds have three distinct themes: nature, modern life/city and people (or maybe countryside, first world country, third world country). Any way you look at it, the combination appears more representative of the diverse Twitter population than just a group of young Cricketers!
I think even this combination does not represent Twitter well; I would expect a theme of conversation or human interaction. But perhaps, most of Twitter’s frequent users are perpetually logged in to Twitter on their mobile/web, and hence, Twitter does not care too much about the homepage images that are shown to users only before logging-in or after logging out.

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Amit BhatnagarSanga sledging Pollock: Sledging in Gentleman style 🙂…As an aside, Sanga is a lawyer by education.. You can expect even his sledging to be politically correct! :-)See question on Quora

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Amit Bhatnagar on on January 19, 2013

Try Duolingo (language tool). You can use it over web, but I feel that the best way is to use the iPhone app.

Definitely unusual, and although it may be too early for me to label it effective  (It’s just my third day of learning Spanish using DuoLingo iPhone app; I am loving it so far.), based on the reviews and articles that I have read about this app, this appears to be quite effective. In fact, a recent study found this to be more effective than other traditional methods:
Study: Learning Spanish With Duolingo Can Be More Effective Than College Classes Or Rosetta Stone | TechCrunch

Try it! Certainly, a better use of your free time than Draw Something or Angry Birds (game)

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Amit BhatnagarThe concept is called ReTargeting. Here is a video from AdRoll that can serve as an introduction to this concept:…The concept is not unique to Jabong. In fact, most eCommerce websites these days would d…

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