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amitbhatnagar on August 17, 2012

This post is a continuation of an earlier post. Read part 1 here. Describe your work: A good number of LinkedIn profiles are no more than a listing of job-titles and educational degrees. Make sure that yours is not one of them.As discussed above, your job-title may mean different things in different organizations, and outside […]

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amitbhatnagar on August 16, 2012

There are two things that I am very passionate about: counseling peers and juniors about higher education/career-planning (I am still in very early stage of my career, but I try to make myself useful wherever I can!) and the power of social media. One place where these two merge is when somebody asks me to […]

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amitbhatnagar on February 21, 2012

Thanks for the support on part 1 of this post. There were some comments, many re-tweets and likes for the original post, but perhaps the best part was when Sachinist.com reached out to me for my permission to republish the blog on their website! Part 1 is now re-published on their website and by now, […]

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amitbhatnagar on February 15, 2012

I think I am gradually becoming a naastik 🙁 One of my cousins was a bit concerned on reading the above line as my Facebook status earlier this year (Naastik =”athiest” in Hindi), but those, who know about my love for Cricket, understood what I was referring to. I was referring to my decreasing faith […]

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amitbhatnagar on April 18, 2009

Two weeks back, I had to take Chhatisgarh Express again and like always, the train was late. So, I located an empty seat on the platform and made myself comfortable. The guy next to me was almost my age, had a laptop with him and his lappy-bag was carrying a Kingfisher-airlines tag. In sum, he […]

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amitbhatnagar on May 14, 2008

Well, this is in continuity of my post “Break the chain”, a post directed against useless chain mails. I very strongly believe that all of us should behave like educated, responsible netizens and must cross-verify the contents of any mail before forwarding it. I admit that at times I too have fallen prey to these […]

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And Here’s my Project #5 Project#5 is titled:: Your body speaks” As is quite clear from the title, it expects you to use body-language effectively to reinforce your content. This includes (but is not limited to) gestures, posture and stage-coverage. You need to choose a topic that allows you to achieve these objectives successfully. So here […]

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I delivered my project #4 on December 3 last year . Yup, I’m a bit late for posting this, but I wished to have at least one non-toastmasters post b4 I start copy-pasting my speeches again.. 😀 Project#4 is titled :How to say it” It expects you to eliminate jargon, use right words and sentence […]

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amitbhatnagar on December 14, 2007

I delivered my project #3 on November 6. The title for Project #3 is “Get to the point” The expectations from this are that the project must have a General purpose (To entertain, to inform etc) and a specific purpose (something like to inform about ill-effects of procrastination). The entire speech should gel in well […]

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amitbhatnagar on November 7, 2007

I delivered my project #2 on Sept 18,2007. Following are the expectations from a Project #2 speech: Select an appropriate outline which allows listeners to easily follow and understand your speech. Make your message clear, with supporting material directly contributing to that message. Use appropriate transitions when moving from one idea to another. Create a […]

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