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amitbhatnagar on November 1, 2007

Starting today, I’ll be posting my prepared speeches for the Toastmasters Competent Communicator projects on this page. The purpose of posting here is not only to archive all my speeches at one place, but also to get inputs on the content from the visitors. (We do get oral and written evaluations in the TM meetings […]

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amitbhatnagar on October 17, 2007

It was about two years back that I first heard about Toastmasters.. I had just joined CA and was looking forward to participate in the Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz, The HR redirected me to Sundar, the only active quizzer she knew in CA. Sundar and I met in the cafeteria to discuss some “strategies” for […]

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amitbhatnagar on February 28, 2007

Well.. This was my first day at Adobe.. Once I was done with all the basic formalities, I was led to my seat. Had some basic intro with my immediate cubicle neighbors… After I was back on my seat after lunch, I needed to go to the rest-room. ( or washroom or loo!! Why am […]

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amitbhatnagar on January 14, 2007

So we got to know that we’ll be able to find some snow in Solang and Kothi. Rohtang and Gulaba were blocked due to heavy snowfall two days back. Therefore we planned our itinerary to include just the first two places and to be back in our hotel room by evening. We had booked our […]

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amitbhatnagar on January 9, 2007

Just had a wonderful trip to Himachal…. So what better way to restart my blog with a description of the trip…. Won’t be possible to cover this in one post… Better to go one post for each trip day… Initially we were planning this trip as a college friends get-together… and indeed, in the starting […]

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amitbhatnagar on January 6, 2007

<< Originally posted on blogspot on Wednesday, August 31, 2005 >> Back here after a long time…. Actually no work from the last three days..Orkutting seems to be boring now…Just spent about an hour on the TT table.Extra padne ka abhi mann nahin hai..So after exhausting all the options,i remembered this long forgotten blog.. Chalo,coming […]

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