What’s In A Name

amitbhatnagar on December 22, 2010

As some of the readers of this blog may recall from an earlier post, I definitely have the most common Indian first name in our generation. Not convinced? Here are some statistics: In my undergraduate institute, I had five Amits in my class. And this is just about my stream “Computer Science and Engineering”; I am […]

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amitbhatnagar on April 17, 2008

The first time I thought of having my own blog, I wasn’t sure of what I’d write there, but I was very clear about the URL that I want for that.. It had to have amitbhatnagar in it.. Luckily it wasn’t taken at blogger and I got my first blog : amitbhatnagar.blogspot.com I wasn’t very regular there, […]

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amitbhatnagar on November 7, 2007

I delivered my project #2 on Sept 18,2007. Following are the expectations from a Project #2 speech: Select an appropriate outline which allows listeners to easily follow and understand your speech. Make your message clear, with supporting material directly contributing to that message. Use appropriate transitions when moving from one idea to another. Create a […]

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