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Thanks for the A2A.. This is something that I always thought about when I saw this image, and finally, this question made me do some research..
First, this image is not from India. Not even from any of the other test-playing nations. This image appears to be that of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman:

Even I thought that this may be from some place in India, but after a bit of search, I landed on this blog: Twitter Cricket Sign-In Page, and after closely comparing the architecture of the mosque and the background hills in the two images, I am almost sure that the building in the Twitter homepage image is this mosque in Oman.
Yes, it would have been definitely surprising if Twitter, being a US-based company, used this as their only homepage background. I tried different browsers and tried reloading the homepage multiple times after deleting cookies. As it turns out, this is only one of at least three images that Twitter uses as its homepage background.
Here are the three images that I could find currently being used as Twitter homepage background:


So, Twitter backgrounds have three distinct themes: nature, modern life/city and people (or maybe countryside, first world country, third world country). Any way you look at it, the combination appears more representative of the diverse Twitter population than just a group of young Cricketers!
I think even this combination does not represent Twitter well; I would expect a theme of conversation or human interaction. But perhaps, most of Twitter’s frequent users are perpetually logged in to Twitter on their mobile/web, and hence, Twitter does not care too much about the homepage images that are shown to users only before logging-in or after logging out.

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Amit BhatnagarA recent report from eMarketer suggests that number is about 33 MillionDetails here:…Personally, I would however recommend you to look at other sources too. eMarketer is usually a reliable source, but I…

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Here is one of country’s finest violinists Joshua Bell playing for free at Washington DC two days after his show sold out at $100/seat in the same city. See what happens:…
Over 1000 people passed by, but just 7 stopped by to appreciate the music, and just one recognized him! Joshua Bell was doing exactly what makes him “Joshua Bell”. But without the name “Joshua Bell”, he was just an ordinary street performer. He didn’t get any real world “followers”!!  Thinking of some celebrities, Lady Gaga doesn’t sing on Twitter, Shaquille O’Neal certainly does not play basketball on Twitter, and Julia Roberts doesn’t act on Twitter.But still, each of them is a Twitter-celebrity too! In fact, Julia Roberts doesn’t even tweet on Twitter!! With 0 tweets, she has 300,000 + fans on Twitter!

My point here? Celebrities reach their celebrity status with a lot of
hard work, talent, and some luck, but once they attain that status,
people follow them mostly for their name, not necessarily for what they are
known for. Sometimes, it’s the desire to peek into celebrities’ life; sometimes, it’s the illusion of being connected to a superstar. But, in the end, it’s closely tied to their identity as a celebrity. Thus, to answer your question, most celebrities would drastically lose followers if their identities were hidden.

1) Please note I said “most celebrities”. There are definitely some celebrities and semi-celebrities, especially from literature and journalism fields, who do tweet good content, and they may continue to have decent following even if they consider writing under a pseudonym.
2) If you are interested in the Joshua Bell experiment, you can read full story here:…

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