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Hey!! I contributed this quiz in the CA Newsletter some time back..
Hope that’s a likeable collection…
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What’s in a Name

A Brand Name Quiz

Try these questions involving popular brand-names. Most of them are workable and the brands are all around you.

    1. “I have done more than anybody else to change the face of mankind.”, boasted the founder of this company and he was not wrong, at least literally. The company is named after this founder. Which company?
    2. The company was founded in Yonkers, New York in the United States in 1853 by Elisha Otis. Now this company is the world’s largest manufacturer in its field. Identify the company and the product.
    3. X is actually a popular variety of apples in United States. It looks logical then the name X was chosen for this famous brand. Identify X.
    4. Expand ESPN: the popular Sports Channel.
    5. “Zero Engine Noise” The USP and the origin of another common brand. Identify it.
    6. An easy one: Among all names under consideration, the name was chosen because it included the letters HTML in the same sequence. Which name?
    7. The Goldstar group of Korea was into electronic goods, while Lucky brand was into household products like laundry detergents and household cleaning products. Which brand resulted with the merger of these two brands?
    8. What is the contribution of the French Town of St. Tropez to the Indian Car Market?
    9. This Germany company, one of the world leaders in its market, is named after its its founder Adolf Dassler. Identify the company.
    10. Though not exactly a brand, still I’d like to put this question to end the quiz: Expand HITEC as in HITEC city (Yes!!! It’s an acronym)

                      Scroll down for answers…..

                        1. Gillette. The founder’s name was King C Gillette. Wasn’t he right in what he said?? J
                        2. Otis Elevator Company. You can see OTIS written on the elevators in the VIT too.
                        3. Macintosh of Apple Computers.
                        4. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Though the channel no longer uses this expanded form, it treats ESPN as a word.
                        5. Maruti ZEN.
                        6. Hotmail.. What else it could be?
                        7. LG. (Lucky Goldstar. Here too company no longer uses the expended form)
                        8. The origin of the name Santro.
                        9. Adidas. Adolf’s nickname was Adi Dassler
                        10. Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy

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                                          3 Comments on A Brand Name Quiz

                                          1. debasis acharya says:

                                            Please tell me what is the full form of VIP in VIP industries ltd which produce VIP luggages.I don’t think it stands for Very Important Person

                                          2. anekalopedia says:


                                            Gud quiz.. When you post a blog from a word doc remove the bullets in the word doc. Aftr yu paste the questions select numbering which is there in the icons. Yur post has Number one in all questions. Please chnage that any ways gud quiz..



                                          3. @Debasis: I could not locate expanded form of VIP.. All I could find was that its original name was Aristo. (http://www.moneycontrol.com/co.....istory/VIP)

                                            @anekalopedia: Thanks.. I have corrected the numbering issue. And I liked your blog, will try to visit often..

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