Happy new year to all visitors to this page…

Finally I am back for blogging!!! After more than a year of total non-activity!!! Often I thought of resuming blogging, but always found some excuse or another to postpone it… “I’ll post once I switch from CA…” then “will resume once I get internet connection at my room…” Then though will be back after Didi’s wedding… Procrastination doesn’t have its limits!!

But finally with the new year, one of my resolutions is: to be regular on this page… Have much stuff to write… 2006 was an eventful year for me.. Want to write about many many things…. It may not be in chronological order… But it’ll come all.. Perhaps best to start with my Shimla-Manali trip.. details coming in full graphic details very soon.. Till then keep watching this page…

/* Above “I’m Back” post was meant for my previous blog Spartan’s Home (amitbhatnagar.blogspot.com) I had planned resuming posting there with the new year… But with the transition from old version of blogger to the new one, blogger somehow managed to lose my blog :’( */

SO this time i’ve gone for wordpress.. Here’s a new blog “Racing towards Infinity” here on wordpress.. Plan to be regular on this one.. Even wordpress import engine is unable to import stuff from thenew blogger.. So Have copy pasted some stuff from Spartan’s Home here….

BTW, Why “Racing towards infinity” ??

B’coz it best captures my fav quote and to some extent, my philosophy for life “Aim for the sky.. Even if you miss, you’ll end up with a handful of stars


7 Comments on I’m Back!!!!

  1. thebigg says:

    wahi puraane sade gale blogs.. cheee

  2. Anunay says:

    Hi Bhatti!
    I was sort of waiting for your blog.. so that I can pull your long legs even further 😛
    Welcome back to Blogging!!


  3. Harsha says:

    Nice shift Bhamu. WordPress and specially your blog page looks cool. Waiting for your new pots. I too have a blog with 3-4 posts till now. If you managed to get time, visit my blog and give some critique comments.
    My Blog URL: http://justanotherwalk.blogspot.com/

  4. @The Big G:
    Abey jab apne dono blog integrate kar raha hun to purane post to copy-paste karne hi padenge :@

    Hety.. better log on and then post the comment… Ppl can link thru this post to u..

    U usd to be Guru earlier… right??
    Adding u to my Blogroll

  5. Harsha says:

    @Bhaam: Yup deleted the old blog. Blog was theme-less and adultared with frustration. Thanks for adding me to the blog-book. Give some ripping comment yaar.

  6. Anunay says:

    I dont wanna make another login or blog page ..

  7. Harsha says:

    @Guppu: You need not to make another login/blog, just enter the email ID and your blogspot blog address. The hyperlink to your name will follow your blogspot blog.

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