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Back here after a long time….

Actually no work from the last three days..Orkutting seems to be boring now…Just spent about an hour on the TT table.Extra padne ka abhi mann nahin hai..So after exhausting all the options,i remembered this long forgotten blog..

Chalo,coming to the main track:Life in Hyderabad..

It’s quite cool..In fact, Hyderabad is much more friendly and better than what I had expected.No language problem(Everyone knows Hindi here 🙂 )Khana okayish, still I had feared much worse in this field..And the Hyderabad-summer: It was on the downside when we joined here..And at this time,it’s definitely better than the North Indian weather.

CA Building(Orion Block)

Life at CA is also quite good.Above is a pic of the Orion Block of Vanenberg IT Park..CA occupies 4th,5th and 6th floors here.I am on 6th floor,working on a Solaris Project.Was enjoying my work sometime back ,lekin these days,it’s so boring…Hopefully the situation improves soon..

Life’s somewhat monotonous now..Almost only sahara in this boring life is reading..Hyd is really rich in this field.U get loads of books at reasonable prices at pavement shops..Have finished the Fountainhead,Catcher in the Rye,To kill a Mocking Bird,Alchemist and Harry Potter #1 +Some short stories by O Henry.Planning to write a general review in next blog..

Also seen three movies in past three months.(Already broken the 4-year record of Allahabad:One movie in Cinema in four years)
Sarkar was gudd,great acting by Big B and Small B.
Virudh: U can watch it for Amitabh,the scene when he tries to laugh some time after the death of his son..Really that scene will make u cry..
The Rising: Though okay in parts,lekin the movie does npot live upto the expectations and hype it had created..

Chalo,i guess this stuff is enough for a non-blogger.

Hopefully,at least now,i’ll be regular.. 🙂


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  1. Shashi says:

    It’s nice to read it – these days I also in Hyderabad, don’t know how to kill time these summer days.
    I hope to find some more to read from you – may be lil recent ones 🙂 – let me try

    – I have read about you Sir, and quite impressed of your work in your field.
    Feel proud of you,
    Shashi Bhatnagar

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