The first time I thought of having my own blog, I wasn’t sure of what I’d write there, but I was very clear about the URL that I want for that.. It had to have amitbhatnagar in it.. Luckily it wasn’t taken at blogger and I got my first blog :

I wasn’t very regular there, but still I was quite frustrated when Blogger managed to miss the handle for my blog while switching from old version to new version. Having a fancy blog title (Spartan’s home, Racing towards Infinity etc) is different, but as far as the URL is concerned, I wished to have a personalised URL for my blog. Anything else was almost unacceptable to me. So moving to some other blog-publishing service was the only available option and that’s how this blog came into being. I feel that the URL should be crisp and easy to remember. And this was reflected in blogs of some of friends too (,

But it appears not all people think this way. Sample this:: blog of one of my colleagues. It took me more than a minute to figure out that it’s actually not a randomly generated string of characters!!
And if this were not enough another of my friends (Akash) actually came up with a blog name formed of randomly-generated characters!! ( 😀 )
He wanted to have a title that represented his confused state of mind!! confusedsoul, confused, hotchpotch all were already taken..Suddenly the CAPTCHA string (word image used for verification) on the blog-registration form caught his eye and he came up with the worst blog-name that I’ve ever seen!! But yup,that successfully portrays what he wanted to use: confusion!!

Anyways, what’s in a name!! Having a personalized blog and not writing anything for months (That’s what I’m doing 🙁 ) is worse than having a bad blog name.  Welcome to the blogger community Akash.  Hope you’ll be regular on nbqpprak and keep on inspiring me to write here too..

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2 Comments on What’s in a (blog) name!!

  1. Anunay says:

    I too have been irregular 🙁

  2. Akash says:

    Good good, my blog is already becoming famous 🙂

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