I delivered my project #4 on December 3 last year . Yup, I’m a bit late for posting this, but I wished to have at least one non-toastmasters post b4 I start copy-pasting my speeches again.. 😀

Project#4 is titled :How to say it” It expects you to eliminate jargon, use right words and sentence structure and use rhetorical devices and questions to emphasize your ideas and to communicate ideas accurately and vividly. In addition, you’re also expected to incorporate the learnings of the first three projects.
So here is my project #4 speech (Comments invited 🙂 )

You’re what you eat for your breakfast

The topic may have sent some wrong signals, but I’m not here to preach about vegetarianism or to talk about carbohydrates and proteins. I’ll talk about something else. But first here’s a little incident that happened some days back.

I was coming to office with my friend Rahul. At the traffic signal before the office, Rahul pointed to a pretty girl sitting in the car next to us. She was holding a bowlful of cut fruits and enjoying it while the signal was ticking down to zero. Spontaneously I started blabbering about how fast the life has become that a person doesn’t even has time to properly relish his meal. At this my consciousness, ever so ready to catch me off-guard reminded me that just two days back, I had skipped my breakfast as I had to finish off some stuff before our weekly status meeting and this wasn’t a one-off incident; this has been happening every now and then for some time.

Suddenly, I was reminded of this quote that I read some time back “You are what u eat for your breakfast” Going by it, perhaps I, who am not having any breakfast, am nothing, Yes, at those times, I am a nobody, a person who doesn’t have any life of his own. Anyways, the fact that I had a sumptuous breakfast that day made me feel a bit better.
Coming back to the topic, I really like this quote. I find this to mean much more than a quote about your eating habits. How? Let us see.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, something that lays foundation for the day to come. Dieticians have proved that the breakfast provides you the necessary jump-start after 6-8 hours of sleep. Those who skip breakfast often feel tired, restless or irritable in the morning. Having a healthy breakfast helps you get ready for the tensions, the physical challenges that wait for you in the next few hours.
Isn’t then this quote true for every other aspect of life as well?

A good start is an important ingredient of the success to come. Psychologists have proved that childhood experiences of a person have a bearing on his whole life. Good education, for instance, is the starting of a great career. And that’s why you find parents queuing up for the admissions of their kids in the best of the schools. Extend this example to the corporate world and you’ll find that companies, which started with a bang, continue to hold that advantage for years to come. When Srilanka won the World Cup Cricket in 1996, it was largely due to the flying start that Jayasurya provided them in the first 15 overs in most of the matches. Rightly said, the greatest buildings are the ones, which have strongest foundations.

But is a good start in itself sufficient to guarantee you success? No way!! Your breakfast, however nutritious it may be, can’t see you through the day by itself. You need to supplement that with a balanced lunch and a healthy dinner later in the day. I bet every one of us must be having stories of some schoolmates, who were quite promising in studies or some other field in those days, but managed to ruin their careers by not following up to the great start that they had. To succeed, you do need an Arvinda de-Silva in the middle order to cash on the great start that Jayasurya provides because after a great start, it’s all the more your responsibility to make sure that you live up to the opportunities that your great start has paved for you.

And what to do if you fail to get a good start. What if the situations that dictated your start were beyond your control? I remember many of my batchmates who kept ruing about their lack of schooling in English medium and they really faced a lot of problems in campus interviews. So can a bad start have an impact on your entire life? Can missing your breakfast spoil your entire day??

Yes, surely it can, but only as long as you allow it to. I talked about my batch-mates, who didn’t have English medium schooling, but still there were others, who had a similar academic background, but they worked hard over their weaknesses the next four years and they were among the first ones to get placed in the campus recruitment. On similar lines, not all of us got opportunities and environment for public speaking in our school-days, but all of us are having delicious toasts of great speeches as our breakfast right here at Toastmasters. So every time you feel that you’ve missed your breakfast, just remember the girl at the traffic signal I mentioned in the beginning. You can have your breakfast when you need it and are ready for it.

So a great start is really, really important. Whenever you can, work hard, make your plans meticulously, have the required training and education before you delve into that dream venture so that you have a great start. Follow it up with more hard work, more planning, but if you fail to get a great start, never mind; you still can be a winner if you want to. As they say, no-one can go back and make a brand new start; anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

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12 Comments on Toastmasters Project #4:You’re what you eat for your breakfast

  1. Melvin says:

    Man, You’re doing a good job…… keep up the good work

    Looking forward for more surprises, I would suggest you to get on subjects that would leave the audience mouths wide opened, doesn’t mean, these subjects are not good…. Just suggesting because from your 5 speeches i’ve understood that you’ve got much higher caliber


  2. Thanks Melvin for your valuable inputs..
    I’ll try to bring in more variety to my topics.. I’m about to post speeches from my Project #6 and Project #7.. Hope you’ll find them more interesting.. 🙂

  3. Madhu Kumar says:

    Great Sppech Amit! Very inspiring.

  4. Naveed Ul Haq says:

    dear Amit,

    it a Great speech, but too lenghty. the concept and idea is very interesting and inspiring. It give complete message to the audience.

    Good Luck! for your future projects and career.

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  6. MS Gandla says:

    Amit, Thank you for sharing. Excellent topic for project 4.
    -MS Gandla

  7. Thanks NAved and MSG for ur comments..
    Regarding length, i believe it did fit in the recommended 7 minutes time limit.. 🙂

  8. Bhuwneshwar Kumar says:

    Good work

  9. SUBHI SARDANA says:


  10. tearsndreams says:

    I personally interpret this objective differently. Sure, cut the jargon but also use vivid words. Describe something.
    Such as as I looked out the window, I noticed one one side the yellow daffodils, the lush greenery. If you looked on the otheside there was a waterfall lending a calmness….blah blah …To me this objective says use words to describe a scene, a garden, a feeling that transports the audience there.
    What do u think?

  11. Giirsh says:

    HI Amit,
    Nice speech. Bindas and confident with clarity on your message. Wish you good luck on your mission.
    I am Girish did my ME from MNNIT, B.TECH from NIT Waranagal and a toastmaster too. If you don’t mind can you share your mail ID.
    Girish (girish_c_jha@yahoo.com)

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