” hello chacha……..a bad news…….PRASAD SIR PASSED AWAY YESTERDAY AT 10P.M”

Got this scrap from my niece yesterday… I won’t say that I was shocked or devastated at this. In any case, I knew that he was terminally ill for some months now.. But still there was this feeling of something missing.. CM Prasad: One of the best teachers to have taught us in the school days is no more.. 🙁

I still remember that when I got admitted to Class XI in Asha Modern School, I was in a dilemma over choosing my 5th subject.. Physics, Chemistry was fixed for science students, English for every student. Between Biology and Mathematics, my love for the latter made sure that it was my 4th subject. Of the limited choices for 5th subject, for sure,I wasn’t going to pick Biology (PCMB is considered a deadly combo). Heard that Computer Science staff and facilities were not that good. Finally, it was a choice between two last options: low-scoring Hindi and boring economics. My father voted for the latter thinking that this may prove useful in Civil Sevices examination that I was planning to appear for some years later. I found that reasoning good and went ahead with picking economics as my 5th subject.

But did I say “boring economics” ?? It surely used to be boring when I studied it in Class IX and X ( for a paltry sum total of 30 marks for two years) Under the guidance of Prasad Sir, Economics was no longer boring. It was surely not about cramming bulky texts as I had thought. It was more about deeper understanding of human behavior when faced with limited resources (as the definition of economics says) It was quite interesting to study things like how psychology of a single customer affects that of a market as a whole.

Best thing about Mr. Prasad’s teaching was: instead of telling things straight forward, he made us reach the answer. He made us think by asking questions and leading us to the answers. Further he had such a well-disciplined approach of taking regular tests after each chapter.. These styles not only made us ace the exams, but also help us develop deep, deep understanding of the concepts. Even years after taking his classes, I still remembered all the fundas when we had elementary economics as a part of my engineering third year curriculum.

His sense of humor was good too. Nobody, who has studies once in his class, can forget his inimitable style of saying “On the chair!!” ( This was the only punishment that he used for any act of indiscipline: You were asked to stand on chair for 5-6 minutes. 🙂 ) But something was there in this that even the guys, who didn’t fear getting caned or thrown out of the class, strove hard not to face this..

I really miss the chance of meeting him even once after I left AMS. Somehow i felt guilty of betraying his trust in me.. He had expected me to get 97.. (For a professional teacher like him, it was too big a thing to have said this personally to a student. ) Blame it on my hand-writing, bad evaluation or bad luck, but I could manage only 71 even after performing to the max.

But no matter what marks I got in my boards, nobody can take away the knowledge that he imparted and the indelible impression that he has made on me in the two years that I took his classes.
May his soul rest in peace and may we get thousands of teachers like him..

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