No sir, This is not another post about somebody exercising “Right to Information” act to extract some info. This is about me coming back to “Racing Towards Infinity”.

I really like to blog and have always encouraged those around me to have their blogs too. This year I successfully convinced Akash, Alok ,Bhavya and one more (name/link not to be disclosed at the guy’s request:-| ) to move into the blogging business. Still trying hard to get Ashish (aka actinium, refer the comments section of almost any post in Bhavya’s blog) in too.

So while pulling everybody in, where have I been?  Well, it has been quite long that this blog has been missing in action, but  it’s not that I am not into blogging these days. In fact, I have been more active than ever in the blogosphere these days and have been blogging extensively on my other blog: surely more than a post per week on average. But that blog covers just one particular aspect of my life and I was really trying hard to come back here to touch on my life in general.

So finally  here I am .. Back again on RTI.. Though I don’t promise, but I’ll try to be regular here. I have lots of things to write about. So please keep checking..  🙂

/* BTW,Some of you may already know about the other blog. In case you don’t,  please wait for some time.  Hopefully, it’s just another few months before I drop the pseudonym there and link the two blogs.    */

11 Comments on Coming back to RTI

  1. Bhavya says:

    “Still trying hard to get Ashish (aka actinium, refer the comments section of almost any post in Bhavya’s blog) in too.”

    Those are the most obfuscated (and often unrelated to the post) comments that I have ever come across on anybody’s blog. If he actually starts blogging, I wonder how many wikipedia pages I will have to visit in order to figure out what he’s trying to say!

    Anyway, great to see you back in action, Bhatti!

  2. Bhavya says:

    By the way, I’ve been trying to talk Alok into getting back into action as well, with no success 🙁
    Shayad tumhe dekh ke wo bhi resume kare…

  3. actinium says:

    those mite be ob… (damn it, vats a word! copy-paste bhi acche se nhi hua!) bt definitely never “unrelated”. i suggest reading your post once again after u’ve read my comments 😛
    b4 vatever bhavya said becomes true, welcome back! n happy blogging 🙂

  4. Bhavya says:

    I do want to counter this, but u n I tend to argue endlessly in the comment space of my blog. I don’t want to do that on Bhatti’s blog too! Let’s take this offline.

    You know, whenever I mention one of my friends on my blog, I put in a link to their blog to help the others identify them better. But for those who don’t have a blog, I always think about how those people should be identified in blogosphere. It’s very interesting, the way you have given Ashish a blogosphere identity without Ashish having to create a blog!

  5. Bhavya says:

    By the way, Ashish, YOU MISSSPELT MY NAME!

  6. @Bhavya:
    I agree with Ashish.. His comments may need some knowledge of biology (or tronix or computer-science or archaeology or pata nahin kya kya), but those are mostly related either to the blog-post or to one of your comments on the post. Ab agar aapke comments hi unrelated ho, to actinium bechara kya kare.. 🙂

    Sir ji, chalu karo blog.. There’d be many readers for that..

    And then u’ll have a home battleground too. With this blog coming back in action, it seems u two have already got a neutral venue.

    Galat baat hai ashish, There’s only one legal misspelling of Bhavya’s name and that has ‘n’ as the 5th letter. 😀

    But u misspelled mine too.. 😐

  7. Bhavya says:

    Okay, I admit, maine jab unrelated comments ki baat ki thi to basically I meant to say that after the second or third comment, the comments are no longer related to the original post and Ashish and I launch into an argument over all sorts of stuff and he starts telling me to call him at 33982 for lessons that I would never really want.

    And there is no legal misspelling of my name!!! And the word is misspelt, not misspelled!

    Your so-called legal misspelling of my name earned Ashish a supposedly deep wound on his shoulder, which, he claimed, had not healed after close to a year.

  8. actinium says:

    oh hell..! i’m so sorry bhatti…seems i’d nvr get used to typing on a laptop 😀
    PS: is dere any way i cn subscribe to follow-up comments? dis is d 1st wordpress blog i’ve subscribed to, n i like how number of comments r updated in the original post feed…bt it seems un-viable to subscribe for every post’s comments…

  9. Bhavya says:

    Yeh sahi hai, mujhse jitne marzi pange lete raho, aur sorry sirf Bhatti ko bolo!

    By the way, the comments RSS link near the top left corner points to a feed for all post comments, not just this post

  10. actinium says:

    haan toh bhatti ke blog pe aapse apologise kyn karun?!

  11. Bhavya says:

    Bhatti ke blog pe mujhse panga loge to Bhatti ke blog pe mujhse apologize karna bhi banta hai!

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