Had a great outing with my team last Wednesday. We normally have a team-outing every quarter. And for this quarter (Dec-Feb), the boss suggested that we have it on the last working day of the year.

I normally hate going for movies for outings, so was bringing out ideas of going for bowling or some other activity. I was especially opposing the idea of wasting an outing on a movie as all others wanted to go for “Yes man”. (or “Sorry Bhai”, which most of us had already seen) I hadn’t watched a Jim Carey movie ever and for some reason, didn’t want to try that either.  I vaguely remember some promos from “The Mask” and perhaps because of those, I found him to be a bit repulsive. But eventually, I had to give in reluctantly as rest of my team seems to be crazy about him.

Anyways, we had planned to leave at 12 and though none of us had actually planned to work before that, it was amusing (though certainly not unusual) to see our boss keeping an eye on everybody and checking, “Kaam to nahin kar rahe ho naa aap??” 🙂

We had planned for a lunch before the movie and there was some drama over choosing the venue for the lunch, but finally we settled for Pind Baluchi in TGIP. (One line review: Khana is good, but they make you wait a lot for everything except “aam ka panna”) In any case, we had lots of time at our disposal and we used that for some light moments (some Kodak ones) during and after lunch. And then we proceeded for the movie.

I went with fairly low expectations. As it often happens when you have low expectations from something/somebody, I was in for a surprise. The movie wasn’t great, but was interesting enough for me to rate Jim Carey above the “Govinda of Hollywood” level that I earlier put him at. (Okay, this was meant specifically to irritate some Jim Carey fans. J ) Seriously speaking, I actually liked the movie and found it to be almost in the same genre as some Adam Sandler movies like Click and Anger Management: the “moral behind the comedy” types. And comparing it to the two I have mentioned, I would surely place “Yes Man” at third.

Overall, it was pretty decent and I now want to try some other Jim Carey movies too.  Bruce Almighty and Ace Ventura series are in queue when I return to office in Jan.

After the movie, I returned to office with Abhijeet. (seniormost guy in our group after the boss) In the 15 minutes or so that it took to reach the office, he shared some general gyan about career and life in general and his experiences with Adobe and the software-world in particular.  I always enjoy when somebody senior shares the wisdom of his/her experience and this time too, it was no different. Thanks Abhijeet, I have a lot to learn from you.

We wound up the day with about 2 hours of one-tip-one-hand cubicle cricket. For some reasons, I almost didn’t want to go for the vacations I was waiting for. This always happened to me in my college days and I really liked to see this feeling to be back, this time at my workplace.

Overall, it was a lovely day. I don’t think that anything too significant happened. It was simply that I enjoyed the simple not-too-significant things too to the full. And since I will be moving to a different team next month, this was my last official outing with the team.  I have truly enjoyed being with this team in last two and a half years (especially the last one year or so). I have a lot to say, but maybe I should keep it for my farewell day. 

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4 Comments on Last team-outing of the year

  1. Bhavya says:

    “…our boss keeping an eye on everybody and checking, “Kaam to nahin kar rahe ho naa aap?”

    Hey, when you walked in to the office in the morning, YOU checked on me and asked me the same question too!

    Aur aap abhi bhi Jim Carrey ki dil khol ke tareef nahin kar rahe ho! You definitely need to watch The Mask and Ace Ventura (BOTH of them) and Bruce Almighty and Me, Myself & Irene and The Cable Guy and…

  2. actinium says:

    …Liar Liar, The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. d last 2 movies show quite a different jim carrey; i appreciate these acts of his more than d mindless, rubber-faced antics he puts up in the rest of the lot. dis doesn’t mean he’s nt gr8 when he’s mindless…its just dat after d dose of all such movies, u’d really b surprised by his characters in the last two movies

  3. Bhavya says:

    Actually, even his Liar Liar role has a pretty serious angle to it, what Bhatti called “moral behind the comedy.” I like Liar Liar and Eternal Sunshine… as well, but they show this other side of Jim Carrey and I thought it might be a good idea to explore one side at a time. I have yet to watch The Truman Show myself…

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