The winter-break is back again.. For the uninitiated, Adobe has this policy of keeping its offices closed worldwide for the last week of the year. This shutdown period is something that almost everybody looks forward to. This is a period when you can chill out for 9-10 days without having to worry about any work getting accumulated at your workplace. (Don’t get too envious, these holidays are deducted from our earned leaves!! 🙁 )

Two years back, I had a wonderful trip to Himachal. Last year’s shutdown was relatively uneventful except for my cousin’s wedding right at the start of the holidays.

For this year, I have some specific plans: Lots of movies, some books, catching on some lost sleep and spending time with my family. Now, this may seem too boring to some of you, but if I look back at the hectic year gone by, this is exactly what I need for a break. Last I made very few trips to my hometown, Saharanpur and all of them on some special occasions.(festivals, niece’s birthday etc). So, I need some time with my family. Reading is something that I love, but I read very few books in full in last one year. As for movies, though I am very selective normally, but last year, I had missed even the movies that I really, really wanted to see.

I had planned to leave for my hometown at about 4:30 in the evening. After doing a bit of cleaning up my room in the morning, I decided that the first day of the vacation can be utilized better than sitting idle in my room. Thought of watching Ghajini, but tickets were not available anywhere. Considered “Rab ne bana di Jodi”, but my roommate Mayank had already watched it. Then, I was reminded of Bhavya’s post and Prat’s comments on watching a movie alone. At least, Prat’s comments seemed to suggest that it’s not that bad an experience. So I decided to go and watch RNBDJ all by myself. (Now, will you stop giving me that stern gaze? I didn’t actually go to see RNBDJ.)

Just then, Monkey came in with an idea of trying out Ghajini at Ghaziabad. I looked and finally found some seats available at Adlabs, Ghaziabad. We booked our tickets and made it to the place just in time. I had suspected GZB-malls to be not so hap and systematic and I was proven right. In spite of the heavy rush , which in no way was unexpected (Public holiday and Ghajini’s 2nd day), they had just one counter for everything: internet booking and on-the-spot purchase. And there was this heavy confusion over the seats: the seat-map that they show on bookmyshow is quite different from the actual seating plan. Finally, we settled in and watched the movie mostly in peace. Won’t comment on the movie here; planning to write a separate review for that.

Moved on to catch my train after the movie. And while on train, I picked up item 2 on my list: reading some books. I had books of different genres in my kitty ranging from a Harry potter book to a Sidney Sheldon masala novel and a mathematics-based book. I decided to start with “Message in a bottle” by Nicholas Sparks. Looks to be okayish story so far: not too gripping, but not too boring either.

In short, the vacation season has started on a good note. I have quite simple, workable plans and I seem to be on track so far.

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  1. Bhavya says:

    This is actually just what one needs sometimes. A quiet, simple peaceful vacation at home. You seem to be enjoying just that and so do I 🙂

  2. […] This was my mantra for the shutdown this time. I watched a movie a day for nine continous days. Add to that three books, meeting an old friend, meeting Sachi (my 1 year-old niece), hours of sleeping and spending lot of time with my family and I can say that I had a very good time. This was the break that I was looking for. And this was one of those times, when I could stick to my plans. […]

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