This was the famous slogan coined by Devang Mehta. He wanted the government to provide the common man with electricity and benefits of information technology too in addition to the three elementary needs.

Not sure when the govt will list the last two as their priority. (They still are struggling with the first three.) But at least our lifestyle had really made these two as absolute necessities. In particular, I am talking about the last item.

I, like almost everyone around me, am a complete internet addict. Although I have cut down my activity on social networking sites (Orkut and Facebook are the two that I am active on) substantially, I still have to check my mails almost every minute. Wikipedia is another thing that I find hard to live without and I really feel restless when I need to know something about a topic and I don’t have wiki to help me. And then there is the blogosphere: There are some blogs that I frequent these days and am gradually developing an addiction towards blog-hopping.  I am not totally addicted to posting on this blog as of now, but it’s very irritating, when you have just thought of resuming blogging and you have a pleothra of ideas to blog about and then you don’t have the internet connectivity.

I knew that this may be an issue when i left for my hometown. In past too, whenever I have visited my hometown, Airtel GPRS has been my slow, but steady companion. The speed can be a real pain at times, but most of the time, it used to be very much tolerable.

But this time, it was quite different. Most of the time, my GPRS connection refused to connect, citing different reasons each time. (Remote computer out of order, PPP protocal terminated, remote hardware problem etc etc) And whenever it did connect, the data transfer was painfully slow and then too, it disconnected in another 10 minutes or so. 🙁 I managed to check my mails in between, but my frequency on posts on this blog suffered badly. I had some posts written and saved offline, which I tried to post whenever there i got connected. I had some posts planned for my birthday, new year day etc, but without live-blogging, I lost the enthu for these.

Finally, when I could not bear it any longer I decided to cut my vacations short by 1.5 days and left for Noida today morning. ( Had planned for Jan 4 evening earlier) Had to struggle with my lunch and  evening snacks today, but no issues. Ab mere paas internet hai!!  🙂

Hope to post more regularly now. 🙂

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8 Comments on Cutting vacations short.. for bandwidth!!

  1. Bhavya says:

    Ye to hadh ho gayi hai addiction ki!

    vaise look who’s talking. The one who has been “torturing her grey cells by making keeping dem on their non-existent toes, which has not gone down well with other constituents of her brain; viz. the substantia nigra, and she can no longer stop herself from troubling numerous electrons at odd (and even “even”) hours”
    😀 😀

    I think I would have surrendered a little earlier than this. I can survive without my mom’s rajma, but not without my beloved blog!

  2. Akash says:

    “Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Internet”, slogan of new generation…

  3. ChhabraJi says:

    Sahi hai… kuchh log din ke 23 hours binaa bijali ke gujaarte hain … aur kuchh log 1 ghanta internet ke binaa pareshaan ho jaate hain… fir bhi sab mil jul ke rehte hain… this is the actual “Vividhta me ekta”
    Waise tumhari vacation cut karne se tumhe ek reader aur mil gaya … thanks to me 🙂
    Reference : Akash -> Bhavya -> Bhatti

  4. actinium says:

    did u or did u not see TZP?

  5. actinium says:

    awww…wrong post! pardon me!

  6. Akash says:

    Abe CC (Chichore Chhabra), kam se kam apne naam ke aage to ‘ji’ mat laga…

    Aur haan, agar Bhatti vacations cut nahi karta to kya tu uska blog nahi padta?

  7. Arey Chhabraji ko “ji” lagane do.. Naam complete sa lagta hai.. 🙂
    BTW, anyone noticed how appropriately wordpress assigns avtaars to u in case u haven’t created one for u? See Bhavya’s and actinium’s avatars above.. Not too far from the real images. 🙂

  8. Bhanu says:

    hehe..bhatti bhai, that’s interesting.
    waise m also using Airtel gprs these days n badly missing the Insti’s internet 🙁

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