I am the kind of person, who sometimes takes time to open up and build bonds with people, but once that is done, I find it really hard when it’s time to move on.

Last Friday was one such occasion. It was my last day with the Print Technologies Group at Adobe. It has been a terrific experience working with the team for over 2.5 years. After the college life, this phase has been the most impressionable one of my life so far. I learnt a lot of things technically and professionally. I had my share of working weekends and meeting late-night deadlines, but each one of these was well complimented by the sense of accomplishment echoed in GM parties, ice-cream treats or sometimes, simply a “Good job” mail from the boss. (I must say sometimes, one such mail can do wonders to your confidence)

But the best part of being in the team was having got a number of good friends. This has been a team that knows how to work hard and party harder and I do believe that I have been able to pick some of this philosophy myself too. I have learnt a lot from the team and have had an amazing time. But finally, it was time for a change. Starting this Monday, I would be joining Team InDesign.

On Friday, I had lots of things to finish off including multiple customer cases and knowledge transfer on two topics. So I decided to reach office a bit early and I was there around 8:30. I started working on the pending tasks: replying to the client queries and getting ready for another case. It was then that Anuranjan walked to my seat and asked me for a treat: “InDesign join kar rahe ho, party to banta hai..”. Although I am looking forward to my new role in Team InDesign, I somehow didn’t find leaving print-team as an occasion to celebrate. I promised him a party for some time in near future. But he insisted on at least having the lunch together in the office cafeteria and to this, I readily obliged. It made sense to share the lunch-table with my current teammates on my last working day with them.

So around 1:30, he and Alok caught me again. I wanted to call out my regular lunch-group too, but Anu assured me that he has talked to them and they’d join us directly in the cafeteria. But it was only when we reached the reception and he started calling up other members of the team that I realized that we are not actually going to the cafeteria. The team had planned a surprise farewell party for me!!

Shortly, we reached Chor-Bizarre, our team’s favorite venue for farewell parties. (or welfare parties as Gauri calls them. ) I was in the hot-seat and people started asking Qs about my experiences with the team. And as soon as I was in a mood to talk something about that, the discussion shifted to some more masala-stuff like my crushes in Adobe and some more things on this line. Now, I surely wasn’t going to answer these in a public gathering, so I warded off the Qs with some weird answers.

Then, we proceeded for lunch. For some strange reason, Chor-Bizarre had included Kadi-Chawal in the buffet menu for the day. Everybody in my lunch-table group, except me, loves it and they never miss a chance to take a dig at me whenever cafeteria menu for a day includes this item. And the worst part is that often lack of options in the office cafeteria forces me to have only Kadi-chawal as lunch. 🙁 This time too, Sandeep forced me to have a good quantity and I did not refuse.

After the lunch, the group focused back its attention to me. After some weirder answers to the same questions that were asked before, I was asked for a song and a speech. On public demand, I repeated the “Zehreelay” song that I had sung on our last trip to Manali.(I just hope that Chor-Bizarre doesn’t ban Adobe guys after my “performance”. 😀 ) Then, it was time for a farewell speech. Well, I wasn’t at all prepared for this and when you’re not prepared, you can only be honest. I winded up with a short speech covering my journey of 2.5 years at Adobe: starting from the initial few months when I did not actually enjoy being in the team to the present moment, when I have started loving being in this team. By the time I finished, I was already very emotional. To make it more touchy, there were some real good words about me from Mohit, Gauri, Anu and Alok. And then, there was this lovely farewell gift from the team: A coffee-mug with pics showing me in different moods. The central pic was marked as Mr. VxWorks. (VxWorks is the platform that I have worked on for most of the time) I really loved that and at the end of the party, I was finding it hard to hold back my tears. I really had a great time being in this team and I would surely miss it.

But a team is surely more than the official work it does together. I still would continue to take gyan on all kinds of topics from Ashish (aka actinium) and solve Hindu crosswords with my crossword-buddy Abhinav. I still would try hard to irritate Bhavya in whatever ways possible. 🙂 I still would be meeting Dahuja, Anu, Alok, Varun and Surya in Toastmasters meeting.  And of course, I will still be having lunch with my same old lunch group. The new seating plan, which has both my new and old teams sharing the same floor, makes all this a lot easier.

So people, I am still around and it’s not a goodbye. At least, not yet!! 🙂


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  1. Bhavya says:

    Hmm… abhi tum same floor pe hi ho to aisi feeling aa hi nahin rahi ki ab tum different team mein ho… maybe when we move back to level 4, we will actually miss u, like we miss Sandy now…

  2. gud writeup mate…
    Wish you all the best for InDesign for a short time 🙂

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