For some time now, I had been listening to this concept of Earth-hour. On this Friday, we got  a mail from our HR deptt, reminding us of this opportunity to volunteer for this global effort. I found it a good concept and decided to contribute this time.

On this Saturday, I was pondering over how would I spend that one hour. First of all, I thought of going out around that time after switching off the lights at my flat. But that did not look like a contribution to me. So I decided that I’d be staying at my home and would be switching off the lights for those 60 minutes. The  fact that none of my two flatmates were at home made  it easy (although they too would have contributed) as it was only I, who needed to make the decision.

I was thinking whether using my laptop would be permitted at that time. No, I won’t be connecting it to the AC supply, would be charging it up and then using it, I tried to convince myself. But this sounded wrong to me. Extending that logic, people can simply switch to their inverters and keep everything running. (If we extend it a bit more, I should have kept my cellphones switched off too, but I decided against it. 🙂 )

I decided to complete some of the pending tasks during the earth-hour. For long, I was contemplating writing some linkedin recos and Orkut testimonials for some of my friends. But for one reason or other, i kept postponing this. Decided to take this up. I also thought of keeping a log of my activities as the time passed.

So at 8:28, I was ready with a pen, a notebook and a candle at my table. Precisely at 8:30, I switched off the last light in my room, lit the candle and started scribbling on my notebook.

Here’s a quick view of how things went.
8:30 -> Started scribbling down things to do. Got ready of tasks to do and Linkedin recos and Orkut testimonials to write.
8:34 -> What!!! Just 4 minutes have passed!! 😮
8:41 -> The tiny TV indicator told me that I had missed out one light. Turned that off too. 🙂
8:56 -> Two linkedin recos complete.
9:05 -> Third reco complete; never knew that this takes so less time once you’re focused.
9:26 -> This one took long. This was testimonial for a dear friend. Completed three-fourth of that.
At this stage, I got curious to know whether anybody else in the society is following this or not. As I looked from the room window, I was impressed to see 1-2 of the flats had their lights switched off. Decided to walk down to see whether there are any more of them. There actually were a number of them.
9:30 -> Earth hour complete!! But none of the flats mentioned above switched on the lights. Perhaps, they were not contributing to the Earth-Hour, but were simply not in their homes. 🙁
Anyways, I was happy at my contribution to world-energy. 🙂

Some important takeaways from those 60 minutes:

  • Staying w/o power is tough!! We better work towards saving it for the future. As Anunay’s FB message said, “Anunay Gupta  is hoping that everyone saves energy all the time, not just the Earth Hour. ” Remined me that I am actually not that responsible in using power judiciously. Followed the power-saving norms religiously today, hope i am able to continue this.
  • If I allow myself an occasional break from the laptop and the internet, there’ s so much I can achieve. (am on the lappy almost 24X7) Reminds me of similar stuff from “Monk who sold his ferrari” At times, we become slaves of the gadgets around us, whereas it’s us, who should be mastering these devices. Have decided to exercise more control on this. Even when I am on the machine, will try to do more meaningful stuff (like blogging) than just checking mails/Orkut/Facebook every 5-10 mins.


2 Comments on Earth hour::My contribution for a global cause :-)

  1. Akash says:

    Even I made my contribution though an hr later as I wasn’t at home at that time…

    Waise it’s good to know that Adobe HR sent a mail regarding this 🙂

  2. Nandkumar Niture says:

    Awesome ! I like all of them 🙂

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