Once a Quizzer, always a quizzer!! (Or in MNNIT lingo, once a Gnosiomaniac*, always a Gnosiomaniac!!) I was active in quizzing in my school days, and in my undergrad days. So, when I entered the corporate world and found the quizzing action missing, I organized some quizzes at my former employers CA and Adobe. I intended to do the same, when I came to US for my MBA. Finally, I got a chance to realize this dream of mine, when I organized a Quiz under the banner of International Business Association. The attendance was slightly lower than my expectations, but that was more than made up by the action. I am so excited by the success of the event that I have decided that I will repeat the action once I join back the corporate world!

Anyway, without further adieu, here are the questions from the elimination round. If you are a seasoned quizzer, you may find some of them extremely simple, but I believe there is some good stuff for everyone.

Leave your answers as comments to this post. I have enabled comment-moderation, so that everyone gets a fair chance. Will post the answers in a week and the questions from the main round in a couple of days.

Elimination Round

1. Nike created this logo for X. Identify X

Q1 Nike




2. The birth name of this multiple Grammy Award winning American music star is: Geethali _______  _______  Shankar, but she has now dropped “Geethali” and “Shankar” from her name, and goes by the name ____ ___ (the parts blanked out in the full name). Which singer are we talking about?

3. “Decision Points” is an autobiographical memoir released in 2010. Who is the author?

4. The logo of this company represents an integration of analog and digital technology, with part of logo representing an analog wave, while the other represents binary code. Which brand?

5. Which company is the parent company of The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)?

6. The image below shows the first logo of which present day company:

Logo of which company





7. By what name do we know the singer Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

8. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1953. Which field?

9. What is the most famous offering of a company called Doctors’ Associates?

10. Swedish lawyer Ingvar Kamprad grew up in a village called Agunnaryd on a farm named Elmtaryd. At the age of 17, he founded a company named after his name, and the places he grew up in. Today, Kamprad is one of the world’s richest man, while the company he established is the world’s largest retailer in its segment.

Which company are we talking about?  

11. His name is Herb Kelleher. What is his claim to fame?




12. The medical term for this condition is desynchronosis. What term do we layman have for this?  

13. What is Triskaidekaphobia a fear of?

14. In North Italy, when a moneylender went out of business, the bench that he worked from, was physically broken. What modern day business term has its origin in this practice?

15. What is the Canadian company “Research In Motion” best known for?

*Gnosiomania is the Annual Knowledge-Festival of MNNIT, Allahabad. The word Gnosiomania, a neologism coined in MNNIT itself, means an Obsession for knowledge.

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13 Comments on Smartest MBA Challenge: A Quiz at Goizueta

  1. Sayan says:

    1. Roger Federer
    2. Norah Jones
    5. Amazon
    8. Peace
    10. IKEA
    13. Fear of number 13 ( nice hint )
    14. broker
    15. Blackberry

    Could have guessed others but resisting from it. Also trying my hand at a quiz after a long time.

    What was the cutoff Bhatti sir ?

  2. Niraj says:

    Here are my guesses…

    1. of course roger federer.
    2. will go for norah jones
    3. no idea.
    4. is it cisco?
    5. no idea again..shouldn’t have missed this.
    6. apple
    7. lady gaga
    8. literature
    9. no idea.
    10. no idea
    11. no idea
    12. sounds like jetlag
    13. fear of number 13
    14. bankrupt..
    15. blackberrys.

  3. Andy says:

    1. Roger Federer
    2. Norah Jones
    3. Steve Bucknor?
    4. VAIO
    5. Yahoo?
    6. Apple
    7. Lady Gaga
    8. Literature
    9. Subway
    10. IKEA
    12. Hangover?
    13. The number 13
    14. Bankrupt
    15. Blackberry

  4. Achal says:

    got 6 correct and almost another 1. Not sure if i would have qualified even elimination round 😛 Subway was really a nice one 🙂

  5. Rajeev says:

    1. Roger Federer
    2. Norah Jones
    3. George W Bush
    4. Sony VAIO
    5. Amazon.com
    6. Apple
    7. Lady Gaga
    8. Literature?
    9. Subway
    10. IKEA?
    11. Southwest Airlines founder
    12. Jetlag
    13. Thirteen
    14. Banks
    15. BlackBerry sets

  6. Rajeev says:

    Keep them coming…

  7. Abhinav Gupta says:

    1. Roger Federer
    2. Norah Jones
    4. Cisco
    5. Amazon
    6. Apple (I knew it, but still change the name of the pic atleast (and not just the tooltip) …!! 😀 )
    7. Lady Gaga
    8. Literature
    10. IKEA (done two full cases on this now.. can’t forget this name like ever 😀 )
    11. SouthWest Airlines (Again, thanks to a case..!! )
    12. JetLag (OMG, three answers from cases I have done here in a row… It seems the cases I do here aren’t all that useless..!)
    13. The number 13 (Nice work Bhatti  )
    14. Bankrupt
    15. BlackBerry

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  9. Sharada says:

    1. Roger Federer
    2. Geethali Norah Jones Shankar; dropped Geethali and Shankar and becake Norah Jones
    3. George Bush
    4. Sony VAIO
    5. Amazon.com
    6. NA
    7. Lady Gaga
    8. Nobel prize in literature
    9. Subway
    11.Founder of Southwest Airlines
    12.Jet lag
    13.Fear of the number 13

  10. harish pandey says:

    1. roger federer
    2.norah jones.
    3 george bush W.
    5. Amazon
    7.lady gaga
    8. literature for his work on 2nd world war..which were available in our library n i had a hearty read..
    10. IKEA, my fav as had done extensive research on kamprad.
    12 wild guess jet lag
    13 old one… fear of number 13.
    14 in roman “bench meant “bank” and breaking was “ruptare” so word is bankrupt.
    15. Black berry

  11. Surya says:

    1.Roger Federer
    3.George W Bush
    4.Cisco ?

    Thats all I could answer without google.

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  13. Sirji

    I could answer these few withut google :

    1) Roger Federer
    2) Norah Jones
    4) WAIO ( Sony)
    5) Amazon
    6) Apple
    7) Lady Gaga
    8) Peace
    10) IKEA
    12) Goosebumps
    13) Fear of 13
    14) Bankruptcy
    15) Blackberry

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