I am not an HR person, but having reviewed some LinkedIn profiles of my classmates and other friends, I have some ideas on how to make your LinkedIn profile attractive.

Some quick tips:

  • Have a descriptive profile: You are more than a list of your job titles. Make sure that you discuss what you do, and what you bring to the table. Be sure to include a short summary statement at the start, and follow it up with details for each of the job-positions. If you have worked for non-brand companies, also include a one line description of what your company does.
  • Put a good profile picture: Whether you are on LinkedIn, Twitter or match.com, people like to connect to faces. Get a good profile picture. Investing in getting a professional headshot may not be a bad idea.
  • Get recommendations: Discussing your achievements and abilities is good, but having another person vouching for you adds an additional level of authenticity.  It also makes your profile "complete" (Minimum 3 recommendation are needed to make your profile complete by LinkedIn definition)
  • List your online presence: Your profile would be twice as interesting, if you include links to other relevant websites that you have contributed to. This may be a link to your blog, Quora profile, GitHub page or anything else.
  • Include your contact details: Not every recruiter has a paid account.  Make the job easy for potential recruiter by either being part of the Openlink network (you will need to have a paid account for this), or including your contact details in your profile.

I had written a post on my blog on a similar topic some time ago. You may find this useful:http://amitbhatnagar.com/2012/08…

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