I am not aware of any Quora feature that allows you to do this, but I have the RSS feed of my answers synced to my blog (http://amitbhatnagar.com) that achives the same purpose

Here is a sequence of steps that you can follow, if you have a WordPress blog (I am sure there are options available for other platform, but I have tried only WP)

  1. Install FeedWordPress plug-in on your WP blog.
  2. Grab the RSS feed for your answers. The format for the feed would be <Your Quora profile URL./answers/rss (For example: mine is http://www.quora.com/Amit-Bhatna…)
  3. Optionally, you can also get the RSS feed for your questions (Replace "answers" by "questions" in above URL), or for whole of your activity log (
     <Your Quora profile URL./rss). I was not very interested in having a backup of that.
  4. Configure the plug-in to post the RSS feeds as blog-posts on your blog. Set update-feeds to automatic if you want to. (I prefer to do manual sync every 7-8 days to ensure that one of my better answers is the top post on my blog)
  5. Take regular backups of your blog.

This mechanism will help you have back up of your Quora answers on your personal blog. This may be bad SEO for your blog because of duplicate content. So, you may want to have a different sub-domain for this purpose, something like quora.yourdomain.com.

BTW, since no step above needs your Quora credentials, technically, you can repeat the above steps to get the backup for contributions of any author. You may, of course, want to request the author's approval before posting his/her contributions to your blog.

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